Creating your chromagraph

Chromagraph is a beautiful new way of presenting your unique DNA profile.

We take the results from your DNA profile and transform them into different colour sequences of quartets of red, green, blue and yellow that slowly scroll up the double helix.

The double helix has the same proportions as human DNA, with ten base pair colours per turn.

We programme 13 sites from your DNA profile, separating each site into two sequences representing the DNA inherited from your mother and father, and separating one site from another.

You can stop the sequence or turn the whole Chromagraph into a white light.

Commission your chromagraph now. Use the form below.

To obtain your DNA profile we recommend Complement Genomics.

Data safety and confidentiality


There is much public concern about the use of data generated by genetic analysis.

We will not ask for any genetic data except that produced by one very specific test: your genetic profile.

Your genetic profile provides data similar to a fingerprint: it shows that you are unique. It does not provide any other information such as your eye colour or susceptibility to different diseases.

The results from the profiling will be sent only to you.

You can either email us the results or send them by registered  post.

We guarantee that:

  • no other person outside of Chromagraph will have access to the data, and
  • we will not copy or otherwise store the data, and
  • the data will be destroyed once the profile has been successfully programmed, so keep your own copy safe.

Please ask for the data to be returned if you send us a printed version by post.

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